Energy Cast Podcast with TAE CEO Michl Binderbauer Posted

November 5, 2018

Former TV producer Jay Dauenhauer, currently employed with Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC, began producing energy podcasts in March 2017. To date, he has produced 45 episodes on all aspects of energy. The complete set can be accessed at http://www.energy-cast.com. The episodes are typically about 30 minutes long.

Episode 45 is devoted to an interview with Dr. Michl Binderbauer, CEO of TAE Tecnologies, Inc. Dr. Binderbauer describes the evolution of TAE (formerly called Tri Alph Energy, Inc.) and its expectations as a private venture to commercialize fusion as an energy source. The episode can be found via the main site above or directly at http://www.energy-cast.com/45-tae.html

Dauenhauer previously interviewed Dr. Steve Dean, president of Fusion Power Associates in episode 20. He gave his perspective on the fusion quest in general and in the context of other energy sources. That episode can also be accessed via the main site or directly at http://www.energy-cast.com/20-fusion.html

Jay Dauenhauer can be reached at host@energy-cast.com