Keith Matzen Named Sandia Laboratories Fellow

October 20, 2018

M. Keith Matzen has been named a Sandia Laboratories Fellow. In announcing the appointment, Labs Director Steve Younger indicated, "The Fellow appointment is not solely an honorific, but a position with responsibilities for people of technical accomplishment and a track record of impact."

The Labs' announcement notes that Keith has "shaped the future" through his work "to develop and apply pulsed-power drivers to important problems in high energy density science and inertial confinement fusion." Keith stated, "With each new generation of pulsed-power drives, the number of applications grew and now includes radiation effects science, radiation physics, fusion physics (both indirect x-ray drive and magnetic direct drive), dynamic material properties and various physics issues associated with the performance of the nuclear explosive package."

Keith is currently the director of the Pulsed Power Sciences Center at Sandia Labs. A fellow of the American Physical Society, he is also a former member of Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors and the recipient of Fusion Power Associates 2011 Leadership Award.

He can be reached at mkmatze@sandia.gov