Tihiro Ohkawa Memorial Website Established

June 27, 2018

A website memorializing the life and accomplishments of fusion research pioneer Tihiro Ohkawa is now established at http://fusion-holy-grail.net

Tihiro passed away in 2014 at the age of 86 (see FPN14-47). The website was prepared via an initiative by his long-time colleague Teruo Tamano (ttamano@hotmail.co.jp) with assistance from Genaral Atomics, where Tihiro spent most of his illustrious career.

The memorial site contains testimonials from over 2 dozen of Tihiro's friends and colleagues. A set of sublinks at the top of the main page provide access to the testimonials as well as a history and documentation of Tihiro's life and career, replete with many photos.

Among previous recognitions, Tihiro received the American Physical Society James Clerk Maxwell Prize in 1979, the Fusion Power Associates Leadership Award in 1984, and the Fusion Power Associates Distinguished Career Award in 1998.