New Book on Fusion Neutronics

February 4, 2018

A comprehensive, 393-page, treatment of fusion neutronics has recently been prepared by Prof. Yican Wu, Director General, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Springer, ISBN 978-981-10-5468-6; ISBN 978-981-10-5469-3 (eBook). It is available from Springer.com or Amazon.com.

In a guest Foreward, Prof. Mohamed Abdou (UCLA) states, "The author, Prof. Yican Wu is a world recognized leader in advanced nuclear system research, especially neutronics." He says, "I strongly recommend this book to students as well as experts in fusion who need a good reliable reference." In a second guest Foreward, Dr. Michael Loughlin, Neutronics and Nuclear Analysis Coordinator, The ITER Organization states, "As someone who has already worked in this area for many years, I strongly recommend this pioneering work to experts and students, and sincerely wish that it will be of practical use to a large number of general readers."

The book treats a large range of topics associated with neutrons in the context of fusion devices, including ITER and future fusion power plant design.