NAS Fusion Panel Seeks Input

January 23, 2018

NAS Committee for a Strategic Plan for U.S. Burning Plasma Research Seeks Input

The National Academies Committee for A Strategic Plan for U.S. Burning Plasma Research invites you to submit comments and documents relevant to the Committee's charge to provide guidance on the long term strategy for magnetic confinement-based fusion research. Your comments are welcome at any time; however, input provided to the committee before the end of March, 2018 would be most helpful.

Your comments and documents should be submitted using the Community Input Form on the Committee's online location:


Please note that all community input received shall be posted on this web site and made available through the public access file for this committee as required by the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

The U.S. Department of Energy has tasked the NAS Committee to complete two reports. The first Interim Report is available online:


The second Final Report will provide greater detail of the options for a longterm strategic plan for a national program of burning plasma science and technology research, including developing various supporting capabilities and participating in international activities. Strategic guidance for scenarios where the United States both is and is not a participant in ITER will be described. To the extent possible, the final report will include considerations of the health of fusion research sectors within the United States, the role of international collaboration in the pursuit of national fusion energy goals, the capability and prospects of private-sector ventures to advance fusion energy concepts and technologies, the impact of science and technology innovations, and the design of research strategies that may shorten the time and reduce the cost required to develop commercial fusion energy.

Questions about submitting input to the Committee can be answered by the study directors: Drs. David Lang (DLang@nas.edu) and Christopher Jones (CJJones@nas.edu).