Two Additional FPA Awards Announced

October 29, 2017

Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Board of Directors has selected one additional recipient of its 2017 Distinguished Career Award, and will also present an FPA Special Award. Previous 2017 award selections were announced in FPN17-33. The awards will be presented at Fusion Power Associates 38th Annual Meeting and Symposium, Pathways and Progress Toward Fusion Power, December 6-7, in Washington, DC.

FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to recognize individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions that have benefited fusion energy development.

The additional 2017 Distinguished Career Award will be presented to Robert L. McCrory (U. Rochester).

Bob McCrory is recognized for "the scientific contributions and leadership you have provided over many decades to the fields of inertial confinement fusion, high power lasers, direct-drive concepts and high energy density plasma science, as well as to the development of the U. Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics as a world-class scientific institution."

FPA Special Awards were established in 1980 to recognize persons who have special contributions to the cause of fusion development. The 2017 Special Award will be presented to Dale M. Meade.

In selecting Dale, the FPA Board "recognizes and expresses its appreciation to you on behalf of the fusion community for the many special services you have been providing, including the establishment and continuation of the popular FIRE web site, that both archives important historical fusion documents and keeps the world fusion community abreast of current developments. The Board also recognizes and expresses its appreciation to you for your support of FPA, including collecting and archiving the presentations from the FPA annual meetings and for serving on the FPA Board of Directors."

Previous recipients and information on attending the FPA December 6-7 Annual Meeting and Symposium: Pathways and Progress Toward Fusion Power, are posted at http://fusionpower.org