FPA Annual Meeting Set for December 6-7 in DC

May 2, 2017

Fusion Power Associates 38th Annual Meeting and Symposium: Pathways and Progress Toward Fusion Power will be held December 6-7 in Washington, DC at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel.

Registration information can be found at http://fusionpower.org and click on "Annual Meeting Agenda and Registration".

The current preliminary program is provided below:


DECEMBER 6-7, 2017
1000 H STREET NW, Washington, DC 20001

(I)=invited; (C)=confirmed; (TC)=tentative yes

Wednesday December 6 – Declaration AB Room
7:30     Registration (Coffee and Juice only)
8:00     Welcome – Farrokh Najmabadi, Chairman of the Board, FPA (C)
8:10     Presentation of Awards – Stephen O. Dean, President, FPA (C)
8:30     Keynote Address – Fusion in the Context of Future Energy Sources
                        – Osamu Motojima, President, Future Energy Research Association (C)
                        (20 min talk plus 10 min audience participation)
9:00     American Security Project Perspective on Future Energy Sources – Speaker TBD
                        (20 min talk plus 10 min audience participation)
9:30     EU Demo Study: Status and Issues – Gianfranco Federici (C)
                        (20 min talk plus 5 min audience participation)
9:55     Break
10:25   Session Chair – Dennis Whyte (C)
10:25   European and Asian Perspectives on Pathways and Technology Needs (Magnetic)
                        Gianfranco Federici,  EU (15 min including questions) (C)
                        Kenji Tobita, Japan (15 min including questions) (C)
                        Keeman Kim, Korea (15 min including questions) (C)
                        Baonian Wan, China (15 min including questions) (C)
11:25   Lunch
12:30   Session Chair – Farrokh Najmabadi (C)
12:30  Report on FESAC Fusion Study – Don Rej, FESAC Chair (15 min, 5 min discussion) (C)
12:50  Perspectives on Pathways and Progress (Magnetic)
                        Ian Chapman, UK (12 min including questions) (TC)
                        Dennis Whyte, MIT (12 min including questions) (C)
                        Michl Binderbauer, Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. (12 min including questions) (C)
                        Michael Zarnstorff, PPPL (12 min including questions) (I)
                        Tony Taylor, General Atomics (12 min including questions) (I)
                        Audience Participation (10 min)
2:00     Session Chair – Mike Campbell (C)
2:00  Perspectives on Pathways and Progress (Inertial and Magneto-Inertial)
                        Robert McCrory, U. Rochester LLE (12 min including questions) (I)
                        Stephen Obenschain, Naval Research Lab (12 min including questions) (C)
                        Hiroshi Azechi, Osaka U. ILE(12 min including questions) (C)
                        Daniel Sinars, Sandia Laboratories (12 min including questions) (C)
                        Audience Participation (12 min)
3:00     Break
3:30     Session Chair – Mark Haynes (C)
3:30     Report on NAS Fusion Study – Speaker TBD (15 min plus 5 min discussion)
3:50     Progress and Plans on DIII-D – David Hill, General Atomics (C)
4:10     Progress and Plans on JET – Speaker TBD
4:30     Status and Plans at Tri-Alpha Energy – Michl Binderbauer, Tri Alpha Energy (C)
4:50     Status of ARPA-E ALPHA Program – Patrick McGrath, ARPA-E (C)
5:10     Congressional Perspective (House) – Speaker TBD
5:30     Adjourn
5:30 – 7:00 Reception, Grand Foyer
7:00 – 8:00     FPA Board of Directors Meeting –Benneker Room
Thursday December 7 – Declaration AB Room
7:30     Registration (Coffee and Juice only)
8:00     Congressional Perspective – Speaker TBD
8:30     US Fusion Program Overview – Ed Synakowski, DOE OFES (C)
9:00     Status of ITER – Bernard Bigot, Director General, ITER Organization (C)
9:30     Audience Discussion
9:45     Break
10;15   Session Chair – David Babineau (C)
10:15   Technology Issues for Fusion Power
                        Steve Zinkle, ORNL (C)
                        Mohamed Abdou, UCLA (C)
                        Yican Wu, Director General, INEST (C)
11:00   Status of US Contributions to ITER Construction – Ned Sauthoff, US ITER (C)
11:20   Audience Discussion
11:30   Lunch
12:30   Session Chair-- Jerry Navratil (C)
12:30   Status and Progress on NIF – Mark Herrmann, LLNL (C)
12:50   Status and Progress on Omega – Speaker TBD
1:10     Status and Progress on MAGLIF – Daniel Sinars. Sandia Laboratories (C)
1:30     Progress and Plans at General Fusion – Speaker TBD, General Fusion
1:50     Fusion Energy Sciences at LBNL – Peter Seidl, LBNL (C)
2:10     Session Chair – Steve Dean (C)
2:10     High Energy Density Science at SLAC – Siegfried Glenzer, SLAC (C)
2:30     US Contributions to ITER Physics – Charles Greenfield, USBPO (C)
2:50     Additional Talks, Speakers TBD
3:30     Adjourn