Future Energy Research Association (Japan) Joins Fusion Power Associates

March 29, 2017

The Future Energy Research Association, based at Kyoto University, Japan, has joined Fusion Power Associates as an Institutional Member. Dr. Osamu Motojima, Chair of the Association, will be the Association's representative to Fusion Power Associates. Dr. Motojima is Prof. Emeritus of the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) and Emeritus Director-General of the ITER Organization.

The Association is a non-profit scientific and educational foundation, established in 1989, "to contribute to promotion of science and technology, fostering young human resources, etc. by promoting research and development for future energy (including fusion power) related science and technologies , which will play an important role in the 21st Century."

Fusion Power Associates welcomes our latest new Institutional Member organization. A list of our current Participant institutions is posted on the FPA website: http://fusionpower.org

Dr. Motojima may be contacted at motojima@kcn.jp