FESAC Fusion Study Begins

March 24, 2017

A study was requested in a January 30, 2017 letter from Acting Director of the DOE Office of Science J. Stephen Binkley to its Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) chair Don Rej (drej@lanl.gov) of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The letter states in part, "I am asking FESAC to identify the most promising transformative enabling capabilities for the U.S. to pursue that could promote efficient advance towards fusion energy, building on burning plasma science and technology. Your considerations should be broad, addressing advances that may occur in areas of engineering, technology and science."

A subcommittee to carry out the study has been formed, with Rajesh Maingi (PPPL) as chair and Arnie Lumsdaine (ORNL) as vice-chair.

TEC subcommittee members are:

The subcommittee is being organized into three sub-groups:

  1. Plasma diagnostics and control (Physics and computation)
  2. Plasma materials interaction (Material science and engineering)
  3. Reactor and balance of plant (Mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineering)
The first telecom with the sub-group leads occurred on March 22, and our first full subcommittee telecom is scheduled for March 29. Future activities include scheduling a workshop sometime in May, June, or July (depending on subcommittee schedules) with other members of the community to provide input on the Transformative Enabling Capabilities to the subcommittee. It is expected that this workshop take approximately four days, assuming significant community involvement, and will likely be either in the Washington, DC area, or Princeton, NJ. Workshop dates and venue will be announced soon.

A report is expected by October 1, 2017.